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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023

6:30 PM Discretionary Use Application: General Industrial Type III  

Intended Discretionary Use: To allow for a General Industry Type III use for the operation of a commercial compost facility to process organic waste on-site to create compost for distribution and sale at Blk/Par D-Plan 102294604 Ext 0 and Blk/Par E-Plan 102294604 Ext 0

Council held a public hearing to receive submissions, written or verbal, on the proposed discretionary use application at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023, in the  RM of Edenwold No.158 Fire Hall, 102 Hutchence Road, Emerald Park, Saskatchewan. Written, signed submissions were also presented to Council.

The RM of Edenwold is currently reviewing all documentation on the application (including submissions via the August 22nd Public Hearing) and completing the due diligence the process requires.

UPDATE (as of September 15th, 2023):


  • Traffic: The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure provided written comments regarding increased traffic on Hwy # 46. 
  • Noise: The Operation Plan is currently under review by the RM Office 
  • Odour: The Odour Incident Report is under review by the RM Office. 
  • Aquifer Protection: The Geotechnical Report, Geotechnical Report Addendum, Hydrological Geological Study, and Aquifer Protection Plan have been referred to a third-party expert for review.  
  • Water usage of the facility: Water Rights are licensed by the Water Security Agency, no documentation for water rights has been forwarded to the RM at this time. 
  • Rodents/Pests: The Operation Plan is currently under review by the RM Office 
  • Waste/Garbage around the site: The Operation Plan is currently under review by the RM Office 
  • The Emergency Response Plan is under review by a third-party expert and has been submitted to the local fire chief. 

In addition, the following Plans are under review by the RM Office: 

  • The Financial Assurance Report
  • The Safety Management Plan
  • The Sustainability Plan
  • The Contingency Plan
  • The Reclamation and Decommissioning Plan 
  • The Strike Contingency Plan
  • The Engineered Drawing Package for Site Design

We will be able to follow up fully with all interested stakeholders when we have fully considered the application. 

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