Fire Fighting

Emerald Park Fire Hall - Grand Opening - July 15th, 2022

The RM of Edenwold has become an active participant in fire protection services within the region with the grand opening of the new Emerald Park Fire Hall.

The official grand opening took place on July 15th, 2022, as an evening event for the whole family. Along with tours of the new facility, there were bouncy castles, popcorn, giveaways, and a fireworks display. 

The new fire hall will provide improved emergency service to Emerald Park, Great Plains Industrial Park, surrounding country residential subdivisions, and rural areas. It will also ensure timely and efficient emergency response while positioning the RM in a long-term and financially sustainable position.

“It's great for the community,” says Reeve Mitchell Huber. “As there continues to be growth in the region, all service providers are now better positioned to efficiently address emergencies by having more services available in closer proximity to residents and businesses.”

Click on any of the links below to watch short videos on the Emerald Park Fire Hall Grand Opening and construction:

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Grand Opening Speeches (Part 2)
July 2022 Update (Landscaping)
July 2022 Update (Painting)
May 2022 Update
April 2022 Update
March 2022 Update
Groundbreaking Event (November 2021)

Fire Protection Agreements

The RM has fire protection agreements with the Towns of Balgonie, White City, and Pilot Butte, the Village of Edenwold, and the Hamlet of Kronau. According to the terms of these agreements, individual landowners are not charged for call-out fees or services rendered.

Fire Protection Details and Map
Pre-Incident Plan Worksheet

Note: While the RM has standard fire protection agreements with Balgonie, White City, Pilot Butte, the Village of Edenwold, and the Hamlet of Kronau, the municipality has a secondary service agreement with the City of Regina. This means that the city will only respond if another fire department calls for assistance. As a result, when the City of Regina responds to a call, all associated fees are invoiced to the person receiving service. This invoice can be, at minimum, $10,000. The RM recommends all residents have adequate fire insurance to prevent a costly invoice.

Volunteers Welcome

If you would like to volunteer with a community fire department, please contact any fire department at the numbers below:

Emerald Park / Pilot Butte - Kevin Dell - 306-527-7582
Balgonie - Doug Lapchuk - 306-5707791
Village of Edenwold - Darcy Scott - 306-591-0010
Village of Kronau - Paul Fischer - 306-536-7089
White City - Randy Schulz via town office - 306-357-3181