Municipal Grants

SaskLotteries Community Grant Program

The RM does not provide grants through the SaskLotteries Community Grant program and instead allocates its funding to communities in the area, including Balgonie, Pilot Butte, White City, the Hamlet of Crawford Estates, and the Village of Edenwold. If you are interested in applying for SaskLotteries funding, please contact the community closest to you.

Municipal Grant Program

The RM of Edenwold No. 158 values community groups that enhance quality-of-life for residents and visitors in the municipality and the region. Whether through regional and First Nation initiatives, health & safety programming, environmental preservation programs, or education & skill development training, the RM would like to support community groups as they work to improve the region as a whole.

The RM has chosen to support these organizations through financial grants and in-kind donations. By providing funding, community groups can invest in programming and have a more significant impact in the area. Similarly, by providing labour, equipment, or professional expertise, organizations can benefit from the RM’s trained staff and assets to accomplish goals otherwise unavailable.

Municipal Grants: grants given to organizations who apply for and receive funding from the RM.

In-Kind Donations: donations given to organizations in the form of staff hours, municipal equipment, or other non-financial means. Examples of in-kind donations include RM staff planting trees, the RM donating gravel or other materials, or RM staff conducting research or applying for other grants on behalf of an organization.

The RM accepts applications for municipal grants and in-kind donations two times a year:

  • January 1st to February 28th (for projects taking place during spring or summer); and
  • from July 1st to August 31st (for projects taking place during fall or winter).

To receive funding, a project must fall within one of 4 categories. These categories include:

1.Regional & First NationsPrograms that promote regional collaboration between municipalities and First Nations. This category includes events open to residents from different communities, programs that support institutional cooperation, and other projects led or sponsored by First Nations.
2. Health & SafetyPrograms that promote community health and safety. This category includes initiatives that promote health, wellness, or active living among youth, adults, and seniors.
3. Environmental PreservationPrograms that preserve or protect the natural environment. This category includes initiatives that expand or improve natural spaces, events that educate others on the benefits of the environment, and other programs that combat climate change.
4. Education & Skill DevelopmentPrograms that foster educational development or professional training among youth, adults, and seniors. This category includes programs sponsored or hosted by a licensed educational institution and initiatives that improve skill training or development.

Applying for Municipal Grants and In-Kind Donations

  1. Complete a Municipal Grant or In-Kind Donation Application.
  2. Submit a completed application by dropping it off at the RM Office at 100 Hutchence Road, Emerald Park, SK S4L 1C6, mailing it to the office, or sending it to before the application deadline (February 28th or August 31st)
  3. The RM will inform you in writing whether your application has been accepted, accepted in part, or rejected. You may also be required to sign a contract agreeing to certain conditions to receive funding.
  4. If you successfully receive funding, the RM will send you a cheque for the approved amount.

If you have any questions about the Municipal Grants program, please review the Sponsorship Policy, call (306) 771-2522, or email