Hay Salvage & Ditch Mowing

The annual deadline for haying requests is May 1st. Click and download the form below:


RM residents and farmers can take advantage of free hay in provincial highway ditches. Please adhere to the following dates:

  • June 7 – July 15: Ministry of Highways ditch mowing commences (weather permitting). This includes a four-metre shoulder cut adjacent to the road.
    Note: Some highway intersections may receive a full ditch cut to ensure good sightlines.
  • July 8: Prior to, and including this date, a landowner or lessee nearest to a highway ditch has the first option to cut or bale hay. After this date, anyone may cut and bale hay or grass in a highway ditch without getting the permission of the landowner. Grass and hay must be cut to a uniform height, and bales must be placed at least eight meters from the shoulder of the highway.
    Note: It is recommended that participants contact the Ministry of Highways to provide contact information and limits on where they are salvaging hay to avoid disputes.
  • July 15 – October 15: Contractors begin mowing the width of ditches along all four-lane highways. All other highways get a four-metre cut adjacent to the highway shoulder.
  • August 8: All hay bales must be removed from ditches. Any hay bale left behind may be removed and disposed of at the ministry’s discretion.

For more information, contact the Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure - Regina Office at (306) 787-4911