Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt. Players use their smartphone or a GPS device to locate hidden geocaches or… treasures!

Geocaches are hidden containers that contain a logbook and fun surprises. When players find a geocache, they sign a guestbook and log finds on to prove they found the geocache.

 There are twelve RM of Edenwold geocaches containing treasure, plus each one features unique and interesting facts about the area that you may not have known.

Why should I take part?

Geocaching is popular worldwide and is a great way to discover new locations. Geocaching is a great game to pair with hiking, biking, camping, and other activities for spending time outdoors. It’s also a great way to spend time with friends and family.  Each of the twelve RM of Edenwold geocaches also contain interesting facts about the area you may not have known. ­­­

What are the treasures I can find?

The knowledge that there might be something special waiting in the geocache for you to find may inspire and feed your curiosity. It could be a gemstone, a key chain, a toy car, or some old coins. And the great part is… you can take the treasure - if you leave some other treasure behind in its place.

How can I take part? 

Participants use their smartphone to create an account on and use it to navigate to a geocache.

Look up one of the GeoCaching158RM geocache codes (GC), a unique code that identifies a geocache (you will see a list of all twelve geocaches below). Then use this code to find the geocache in the app.

When players find a geocache, they sign a logbook to prove they found the geocache. And be sure to log all your findings on the website/app too.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Geocaching app on your phone.

  2. Open the app and sign up for a free account.

  3. In the app, click on the magnifying glass and select Location - or choose Current Location to show geocaches near your current location. Then, choose a geocache on the map. The other way is to click the magnifying glass, choose Geocacheand enter a GeoCaching158RM GC code for a treasure on the RM of Edenwold course.

  4. Geocaches have a Terrain and Difficulty rating that indicates how difficult it will be to get to a geocache. Easier geocaches have a rating under 2. You can press the Hint button to check some hints about where the geocache could be hidden. You can also check Description, then Attributes to find about any special circumstances of the geocache, and check Activity to find out when geocache was last found, and comments of previous geocachers that might give clues about the geocache. Finally, there may be Photos for additional clues too.

  5. After checking the geocache info… click the Navigate button that will lead you to the geocache destination.

  6. When you arrive at the geocache location, participants can use the previous clues to find the geocache.

  7. When you find the cache - open it! Then log your find on the Geocaching app with your username and the date when you found the geocache.

  8. Success! You have found one of the RM of Edenwold geocaches. Now repeat and find the other eleven!


Here are the codes for the twelve treasures hidden around the RM of Edenwold:

All the RM of Edenwold geocaches can be found using the free account option on 

You can take one item from this geocache - if you leave some other treasure behind in its place.

(NOTE: As of July 3, 2024 - Geocaches 2 is in review and not available yet!)


RM 158 Cache 1 - 2024
RM 158 Cache 5 - 2024
RM 158 Cache 9 - 2024
RM 158 Cache 2 - 2024
RM 158 Cache 6 - 2024
RM 158 Cache 10 - 2024
RM 158 Cache 3 - 2024
RM 158 Cache 7 - 2024
RM 158 Cache 11 - 2024
RM 158 Cache 4 - 2024
RM 158 Cache 8 - 2024
RM 158 Cache 12 - 2024